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Founded in 2014, Namesake Entertainment is the premier talent booking and entertainment agency on the Emerald Coast.  With more than 30 musical artists on our roster, Namesake provides quality, professional and family-friendly entertainment to dozens of the highest rated and most popular venues in the area. 

With a diverse talent pool of bands, duos and solo acts performing all styles of music, Namesake is a trusted partner with the artists and venues we support.  We believe music and live entertainment has the power to bring people together, support local talent and businesses, and create an atmosphere of fun and positivity.

As a family business, our NAME means everything to us.  It is our reputation.  It is our legacy.  We are committed to doing business the right way for our artists and our customers.  We are transparent in our business dealings, we are passionate about our community, and we desire to be a partner of choice for those we serve.

If you are a musical artist who is interested in additional opportunities to perform, we would love to hear from you.  If your venue, special event, wedding party or any other planned occasion could benefit from the highest quality group of musicians in the area, just let us know how we might help!

Namesake Entertainment is more than just a business.  It is a family, a calling, and a promise.