The Team

Jared Cramblet

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Guided by the lifelong belief that music has the power to transform, Jared has been involved with music in one way or another for the majority of his life.  Growing up in a military family constantly on the move, he quickly found music to be a powerful tool when connecting with new people and environments, as it proved to be a vital and frequently used form of adaptation.  In 1996, Jared found himself on the Emerald Coast and has made Destin, FL his home ever since.

Upon receiving his degree from The University of West Florida, Jared began dabbling on the business side of the music industry, shortly after, taking it full time with the creation of Namesake Entertainment in 2014. 

Husband.  Dog Dad.  Booking Agent.  Manager of I’MAGENE.  WIMTY Podcast.

Matt Cramblet

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Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Matt grew up an Air Force Brat and lived throughout the United States before finding his true home on the beautiful Emerald Coast.  Passionate about music from a young age, Matt received a music scholarship to Northwest Florida State College many years ago.  While maintaining a love of music yet admittedly lacking the talent to make it his profession, Matt spent the last two decades in the business word as a Human Resources and Training professional.  Tired of corporate politics and 40 weeks of travel each year, Matt left the 9-5 world of Corporate America for an opportunity to work with friends, family, and music.  When not emailing, texting, talking or visiting with the Namesake stable of artists and venues, Matt is happy at home in Pensacola with his wife (Keisha), daughter (Ainsley), and feline son (Freddie Mercury).